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The ONE thing that’s more important than diet

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I have a confession to make. For the last 2 days, I was sick. It didn’t last long because as soon as I felt the symptoms, I nipped it in the bud by sleeping ALOT, but still. All this talk about being healthy, and I get sick. ha!

I was analyzing my habits, and I figured out what happened, which is something I sometimes neglect, and it catches up to me, and to us all.


When I was a teenager, my Dad always yelled at me for spending so much time doing this.

But I rarely sick!

I loved to sleep back then.

I love to sleep now, but not as much as I used to.

Now that my mission is clear, to create 2,000 badass teenagers who create trusting relationships, are health conscious, and are financially mature, I want to be up all the time working to make that happen.

As stubborn as we might be, we need to sleep.

Our bodies will literally shut down if they have to. People have fallen asleep at the wheel (guilty!) for overdoing it.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, and you know who you are, make a point to get those 8 hours. If you’re like most teenagers, you sleep TONS on the weekend and little during the week because life is crazy. Homework, after school stuff, more homework, family, friends, I get it. If you can, fit in a 15-20min nap. They do wonders.

Also here’s another thing, if you eat right before you sleep, you’re going to wake up feeling tired because your body didn’t rest. It was digesting all night long. If you MUST eat something, eat something light, not heavy. I once ate 2 eggs before bed and I woke up and all day I felt horrible. An apple is a great alternative.

There is a brain hack that allows you to sleep 6 hours at night with a 20min nap during the day. If you have a routine pretty much set, you can do this. I did it when I was teaching high school and it worked great. Basically after school around 3 or 4, take a 20min nap. DON’T OVERSLEEP. Set a timer. I would be in bed, going to sleep at 11:30p, wake up at 5:30a no problem, with energy. I’m not a morning person, but I wasn’t grumpy either at that time. Make sure that you take that 20min nap around the same time every day or else you’ll fuck up your sleep cycle.

Also, there are apps for smart phones that can wake you up at the most shallow part of your sleep cycle, so you feel rested when you wake up. This all assumes of course, that you didn’t eat a hamburger before bed, or soda. Water or tea is best. Milk is ok too. Anything without sugar and non carbonated.

Lastly, our bodies peak time to recharge is between 10p-2a. So if you’re going to bed super late, and wake up relying on coffee… DUDE. Go to sleep earlier.

Ok not lastly, a few more ideas have come to me that with help you sleep better. Imagine waking up DAILY, full of ENERGY. It’s probably one of the best feelings ever. So here are the last tips (some reviewed), to help you have energy when you wake up in the morning.

-Get at least 8 hours of sleep (or 6hrs and a 20min nap) daily
-Don’t eat, or eat something light before bed (nothing with sugar)
-Be in bed by 10p at the latest if possible
-Sleep in the dark
-Looking at a screen (TV, iPhone) before bed will keep you awake, a book and a lamp is better

1. One day a week, commit to having 8 hours of sleep.
2. Pick another tip that you know will help you wake up energized.

Later Badass!

Dwight —> OUT

The Real Reason Why You Get Sick

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It’s Friiiidaaaay!

At least the day that I’m writing this to you is on Friday, and I remember when I was in school, Friday’s were a hybrid day. Yeah I had to go to school, but I could stay up late and the next day I had no responsibilities besides housework. Pretty awesome.

Now my life is a continual Saturday, but that’s for another blog post.

Today I want to discuss your health with you. This is an area of your life that is more important than anything. When you are sick, everything sucks.

Imagine you wake up one morning and your throat is sore, and you have no energy. Your head is throbbing and your sniffling. Your voice sounds like a frog jumped inside and died but left his voice to you as a hand me down. It hurts to think. You can’t taste your favorite food. You take medicine that taste terrible and keeps you in bed.

Being sick sucks for most people. You can’t go to school and have to play catch up and your grades might fall. You can’t hang out with friends, you miss parties and hang outs, and medicine costs TONS OF MONEY.

So what going on?

IT’S YOUR DIET my fellow badass!

Now I can tell you what not to eat and if you were a robot, you’d do it easily. In fact, if you’re as disciplined as I am, you won’t read anymore and just decide to cut those foods out, and do it 95%. Here is what not to eat to stay healthy LONG TERM.
-any white starch (bread, pasta)
-anything fried
-any processed sugar
-carbonated drinks

BUT, IT’S NOT MY STYLE TO TELL YOU WHAT TO EAT. I just want to inform you. I want to educate you. You are reading this because you are a healthy teenager.

Your diet is to blame for ALL of your sicknesses, aside form anything genetic. What pisses me off, is that most of you have learned what to eat by people who are in the business of keeping you sick to make money off of selling you medicine. Sorry to get dark on you, but it’s true. Let me continue. When you go into the grocery store, pretty much everything in a box is filled with fake ingredients, which are a form of sugar. Every heard of high fructose corn syrup? It’s in Coke and Ketchup. Every heard of Xanthum gum? Basically, if you can’t pronounce it easily, it’s fake. Fake food kills.

Now it’s up to you. Are you going to put that fake shit into your body, and risk getting sick? Some of you will… and that’s ok. But don’t blame the weather if you get sick. Blame your decisions to eat fake food, I mean… your diet.

Here’s the thing. At least 50% of what you eat (if you eat food out of a box or can most of the time) doesn’t have the proper nutrients that you need to keep your body healthy enough to fight. Imagine Batman out of shape. Not good. Ever seen a skinny person eat tons of junk food and never get fat? They’re not healthy. They are just a skinny fat person. Other people actually get fat, but inside, they’re the same as the skinny person.

Imagine you wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy. You’re excited to start the day. The sun is shining through your window. You go and drink your large cup of water, pop a multivitamin, and make yourself yourself a big breakfast that you know will give you enough fuel to last you for at least 3 hours. Throughout the day you drink water and go to the bathroom a bit, but that’s your body getting rid of waste. You are eating mainly natural food, and your energy stays high, you can focus, you’re in a great mood, and you just received a test back with a 92%. Life is good!

What are some great options for staying healthy?
Here are some guidelines, when followed, will steer you down the path of health.

-Drink a huge cup of water before breakfast and lots of water during the day
-Eat a big breakfast with natural food
-Eat every 3 hours
-Eat a big salad once a day and buy a natural salad dressing to make it tastier
-Carry around nuts, berries, and veggies with you everywhere you go
-Carry water everywhere you go
-If you hate salad, put it in a blender and drink it instead
-Ask yourself “What would a healthy person eat right now?” before you decide what to put in your mouth

Most people focus on cutting out food from their diet, and no one likes to lose something. That’s why when people think of “losing weight”, they never do. Instead think about “adding natural food” to your life. If you eat pizza every weekend, cool. Now simply add one or two items from the list above to your current diet and see what happens. Experiment.

If you don’t eat breakfast, that’s a great place to start. If you find yourself tired, you’re not drinking enough water. Laziness and grumpiness is often a symptom of dehydration.

Here are some keys to remember:
-Food with fake ingredients makes you sick and natural ingredients keep you healthy
-Drink water first thing in the morning and throughout the day
-Ask yourself, “What would a healthy person eat?”

In the next post, I’m going to share with you how I revamped my diet and feel more energetic being 32, than I ever felt when I was in my teens or 20’s.

1. Pick two guidelines to add to what you already eat.


Later Badass!

Dwight ——> OUT

This ONE rule can make you a Millionaire

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It’s another great day my insanely awesome badass.

How are you today?

I’m great. Just finished rehearsing, belly is full of raw plants, and now it’s time to drop some knowledge on something that all my friends and even elders I know think is essential that teenagers get a handle on right now.

Seriously man… if you nail this, you’ll be happier than almost everyone you know, and they’ll seek your advice.

Do you ever notice that most people get uncomfortable when they talk about money? Why is that? Because they’re fucking insecure about they’re finances. Just like you can be insecure about anything, most people don’t know shit about money, and they hire people to manage it for them.

Well… I’m not an expert, but I’ve made LOTS of mistakes in the past, and I’m in a place right now for the first time where I’m in repair mode, and doing quite well. I have money saved, I know where my money is going, and I know what I spend my money on, so life is good.

Most adults, married couples, have fights over money. Most disagreements between people is about money. Don’t you think it’s something important to figure out? Dude… school won’t teach this to you. That’s why you’re here.

So today, I want to teach you the most important principle in GROWING WEALTH. This is something that you can start now if you have any money in your pocket, or if you have a job. I want you to commit to this rule as if its life and death, because it is. Here it is:

But first, a story from a book by Tony Robbins called, “Money: Master the Game”. In the book, Tony talks about a man who worked for the Post Office for 35 years, and set aside 20% every month to save, which he invested in the company’s shares. Over the course of 35 years, his money grew and he kept adding. By the time he was ready to retire, he had 2 million dollars ($2,000,000) to his name. That’s enough for most people to live an awesome life in their 70’s and beyond.


Set aside at least 10% of everything you make for the rest of your life, and don’t touch it until you decide you want to stop working.

I’m SERIOUS! I want you to commit to this. Whatever you have to do to remember, or setup something in your bank to automatically transfer it to your savings, and don’t fucking touch it! Even if it’s an emergency, don’t touch this money- EVER. This money is for you, not for an emergency.

The thing is, when you make money, it’s not yours. You give it away immediately, for food, clothing, toys, bills, entertainment, whatever. Once you accept this, make it a point to GIVE YOURSELF at least 10% of what you earn. Then when you’re 70, give it back. As you create this habit, NOW, by the time you are ready to stop working, you are going to have some serious dough saved up, and you can write me a thank you for giving you this advice. Hopefully I’m alive to receive it by that time :).

Just like taking Bold Action is a habit, saving 10% for you is also a habit. Those times when you want to dig in to your savings, don’t. Tony Robbin’s calls this 10% fund the “Freedom Fund”, because when you’re old and have the option of not working, the little tiny bit of money that most people receive when they stop working, called a pension, won’t be enough to live on. In fact most people in their 60’s are more scared of not having enough money than they are of dying! When you have a Freedom Fund, YOU ARE FREE!

Imagine going to work at Walmart when you’re 70. Those people didn’t save 10% for their entire lives, and now they’re making minimum wage.


Instead be a Badass Teenager like you already are, and create a Freedom Fund with that 10%. You’ll be super happy you did, and so will your spouse, if you decided to go down that route. If you don’t do this, I want you to remove yourself from this blog right now.

This is your homework for the rest of your life. I think you already know, but I’ll repeat it. Whatever amount of money you have now, even if it’s $30, take 10% ($3), and create an account in your bank where it will never be touched. If you don’t have a bank account, open one. Tell your parents why, and they’ll smile and feel proud, and you can say, “This blog I’m reading called How to Be a Badass Teenager told me to”. Now for the rest of your life, add to your Freedom Fund. It’s yours! Not for anyone else. BE SELFISH WITH THIS.

Ok? OK!

Dwight –→ OUT.

How to Grow Confidence

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What’s up Badass!

Well it’s Monday, and contrary to the main stream idea of hating today because it’s a Monday, I think Monday is the most important day to dominate and kick ass. If you start the week feeling, “ugh, it’s Monday”, then change that right now! It’s probably your diet and lack of sleep, but that’s a blog for another time. Monday is the start of most people’s week, and that’s an opportunity to start the week STRONG.


Today, I want to tell you a story of a guy named Tom.

I was eating my lunch last week, on a sunny, quiet afternoon up in the buffet area of the ship I work on, outside on the AFT (ship talk for the back of the ship). It was sunny party cloudy, and I was enjoying some salad and other produce when a middle aged man comes up to me and tells me how much he has enjoyed my playing. I get this a lot, and it’s usually the only time I talk with passengers or when they want my help with finding something not he ship.
He apologized for disturbing my meal, but I reassured him multiple times that I didn’t mind and I enjoyed the conversation I have with passengers because usually it’s about music, something I’ve dedicated my whole life to. As we were speaking, he told me about his background in music, playing trumpet, and then he spoke about his son. He is 16 and plays drums and is super talented, but is dead scared of playing around people. He works two jobs so he could save enough money and buy an electronic drum set so he can rock out without anyone listening. Tom went on to tell me that his son has the skill, but doesn’t have the confidence to show his skill to others.

“Man… I’ve Been There!”, I told him.

Instantly a light went on inside of me and I thought to myself, “This is a blog post”. I even told him that I have to blog about how to get over this. He was curious what my blog was about so he gave me his email address to pass on the info.

So let me tell you a little something about this shyness bug inside of you that keeps you from greatness.

Sure… you can have skill, behind closed doors, but there is another skill you MUST strengthen in order to be TRULY GREAT.


I hear so much shitty advice from people saying, “Just be confident”.

That’s not how it works.

I’ve spent the past 10 years studying on my own and taking many seminars and classes on how to build my confidence and now I have a good idea what it takes, especially after helping hundreds of people build their own.
About a year ago, I came across probably the best explanation of how to BUILD confidence. Confidence is an emotional state, a feeling. In order to grow that emotional state so you feel is most of the time, you must take BOLD ACTION.

What is Bold Action?

Bold action is conveying your will SEERING clarity.
In other words, saying or doing EXACTLY what you want. 100%.
If you want to borrow $75 from your parents for a day at a theme park, tell them directly, “Mom, Dad, I’d like to borrow $75 to spend at Magic Mountain with my friends.” IT’S 100% CLEAR. They may say no, but the will respect that you asked for what you wanted and either give you less, or maybe more for being such fucking Badass and taking Bold Action! If I had a kid, I know give him $100.

If you want to ask a girl out, don’t say, “I was wondering if you maybe want to go see a movie with me sometime”. That is not BOLD. Instead say something like, “I want to go see (name of movie) and I’d like to bring you along with me”. It’s clear, and it’s BOLD. She will be thrilled you invited her, and will probably say yes. Even if she doesn’t say yes, she will LOVE that you were so clear and bold about it. But most important, you will be training yourself how to be bold and that grows confidence. The more you take bold action (like practicing any skill), the more confident you’ll become, especially when they say yes. And furthermore, if she they say no, you’ll have nothing to regret knowing that you went for it.

Ladies, MY SISTAS!
If you want to get the attention of a boy that you think is really cool, the same goes for you. Invite him to something you already want to do. “Hey some of my friends and I going to grab a bite to eat afterwards and I’d like you to join us”. Trust me when I say this that you will instantly become a woman when you say this. My girlfriend is direct like this too, and it’s wonderful. Every woman I know who I respect clearly says what she wants. Practice this. Remember, you might get a no, but at least you’ll know!

I can’t tell you how many times I get a no, but I ALWAYS GO FOR IT and that make me happy because it’s the only thing I can control.

If I were to work with Tom’s son and teach him how to play in front of people, confidently, the first thing I’d ask him is “How do you know when you’re nervous around playing with other people?”

That phrase “How do you know (plug in frustration or blockage)” will give you the real reason, and help you find a solution. From there I’d have him make a list of 20 things that intimidate him (most of them are always social things), from least nerve racking to most nerve racking, and he would have to complete the list twice weekly.

My habit now is to identity the things that make me feel uncomfortable and do them as much as possible so that I’m CONSTANTLY SHEDDING FEAR. I want to be FEARLESS! Fear doesn’t exist anyway, it’s just something we decide is real. But that’s a whole different topic :).


Your 30 Day Challenge (if you choose to accept it)
For the next 30 days, once a day, I want you to take a Bold Action. Whatever it is. Every time you ask someone for something, whether it’s food from a waiter, from your parents or friends, or a stranger, practice asking what you want with 100% clarity. After 30 days you will be different. You will be more confident, and you’ll have created a new habit.

And let me tell you… the world awards confident people and Bold Action. Why? Because everyone wants it and too many people are too scared of being uncomfortable for a brief moment to get there.


Ok, that’s today’s lesson for making you a Badass Teenager. If you accept the above challenge, leave a comment below with “I Accept the 30 Day Boldness Challenge”.

Dwight ——> OUT

How to Create Goals that Actually Work

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What up Badass!

Oh it’s a great day, a Saturday for that fact! (the day I’m writing this email)

I’m not sure how you spend your Saturday but usually my Saturday, I like to call them Faturday’s, are the day where I let go of my strict diet and eat whatever I want. Usually that means like of bread, cheese, and cookies, lol.

The last blog I spoke about creating goals to be the most INSANE Badass Teenager, and person you can make yourself. I kid you not man… I walk around and see people with no drive, no ambition. They walk around like penguins. No fucking reason to be walking around other than looking forward to their next meal. These people “Live to Eat”, instead of “Eating to Live”.

Well if you’re reading this, that’s not you. You want to create something with your life and be the man! Or woman. And ladies, there is nothing sexier for the kind of guy you that’ll stick around long term, than a woman with drive. Just ask my girlfriend. So lets get to it…


I’m going to go into depth on the power of what I learned during my NLP and Hypnosis training called “SMART” goals. SMART is an acronym for the following:

Make your goal as crystal clear as possible. If you write it down and have to ask yourself if you can go more specific, then you can. Once it’s super clear, where you can fucking SMELL and TASTE your goal, then you’re good. For example I want 1,000 month readers to this blog. That smells like victory and tastes like the delicious kale juice that I’m going to be drinking when I see that. Get it? GOOD! Moving on…

Use math. Math doesn’t lie. When I was making my music goals, I wrote down the tempos, a number. Most people create general goals and receive general results. Don’t be that person. You’re here to be a BADASS! A Badass only focuses on what works. Make your goal measurable, it works. End of story. Onward!

It’s easy to get carried away and make a goal so big that you don’t believe it. This is INSANELY IMPORTANT. Create A Goal that You Believe. When you do, this goal will pull you to wake up every morning EXCITED and achieve it. Now I’m not saying to NOT make a huge, throbbing goal so big that you don’t believe it. Do it, go for it. But let yourself get there. Focus on the smaller, more believable (for you at the moment) goals first. Then as you achieve your goals, you’ll realize the power within you to achieve, and as you grow that muscle, you’ll believe that you can achieve big shit.
For example, 1,000 readers a month for me is attainable. 10,000 isn’t, nor is 100,000. A while ago I made a goal that I wanted to make $100,000 a year but I didn’t really believe it so it never happened. So instead I created a goal to have my own hypnotherapy practice with 3 clients a month paying me $1,000 each. I made that happen. It was more realistic. I started small and made it happen. NEXT!

If your goal is to make someone’s life miserable, or kill animals (unless you’re a hunter) or the planet in some way, not cool dude. Definitely not a badass move. But then again, I know you’re better than that. So when you make your goal, make sure it will help you grow, and help the world. Creating 1,000 readers a month for this blog I believe will create a better world, so fuck yeah it’s responsible! << OUT!

The ONE THING that will Make you a BADASS INSTANTLY

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What’s up badass!

Yesterday I was taking a bike ride thinking about the one thing that helped me surpass most of my friends in high school and lead me to a place where I’m doing exactly what I want do in life.

You see… when I was in middle school and in high school, and the teachers asked us what we wanted to do when we “grew up”, mostly I would hear typical jobs like “lawyer, teacher, doctor, senator”. I never heard CEO, rock star, professional speaker, or hypnotheraphist.

Well I’ve done two of those above. All those other jobs just sounded boring to me, except for teacher, but I think of a teacher on a much grander scale, even though I taught high school for about 8 years.

Anyway, back to the point of this email.

One of the things I learned early on from a trombone mentor of all people was to create goals. His name is Conrad Herwig.

This was of course in a musical context, but I remember the first time I met him, with my school jazz band, he told us that if we want to improve our playing, for example, learn the melody to 10 songs, to small chunk this goal. For example, in three months, learn 10 melodies. Every month, learn 3 or 4 songs, and every week, learn one melody. All of a sudden, the goal of 10 melodies seemed attainable.

I went back home and wrote down a list and followed it, and well, I didn’t learn 10, but I learned about 5 or 6. Still! That’s more than I had ever learned in 3 months. 10 was a lot for me back then. But do you get the method here? And trust me man… once you know how to consistently create these kind of results…


Also there is a great book, and audio book, called “Lead the Field”, which talks about goals. All Teenage Badasses are already listening to this. If you’re not, jump on it right now!

How Badass Would you FEEL if you knew EXACTLY how to achieve a goal of yours?

Maybe it’s being admitted into the college of your dreams, winning a sports championship, getting a 4.0 GPA, or throwing a sick party for you or a friend of yours where you want 100 people to show up. You’d be the most popular kid in school!

I didn’t learn stuff this stuff until my last year in high school, but by the time I got to college, hot girls where asking me to have their birthday party at my house. They were going to do all the work and I would simply provide the space, which basically meant I had to stay at home.

In other email, I’ll tell you how logistics (location, location, location!) can help you succeed big in life.

Anyway, your challenge for this week, if you’re committed to Becoming a Badass Person, not just a teenager, is to create 3 huge goals for yourself within the next year. Make sure it’s something believable, and small chunk it down to what you have to do within 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, this week, and today.

Leave a comment below and let me know what those goals are below, which will help you stay accountable.